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Learn about the specifications of Buckingham Slate’s L-Series below. The product line has various applications, from slate chippings used as landscaping mulch to decorative slate boulders to flat landscaping slabs for pathways. Using one element or all three will add a distinct look and aesthetic to driveways, walkways, landscapes, trails, parking lots, water features, and more.

  • Approximate sq. ft. coverage per ton is based on 1″-2″ depth.
  • Landscaping boulders available upon request.
  • Available for pick-up or delivery.

Slate Mulch Chips

A maintenance-free alternative to wood mulch, L-Series slate chippings offered in distinct black, gray, and blue tones in an unfading slate product you’ll only find with us.

L-57 Landscaping Slate

L-57 Landscape Slate

Size: .5″ – 1″ chips

100 sq. ft. coverage per ton

L-5 Landscaping Slate Chips

L-5 Landscape Slate

Size: .75″ – 1.5″ chips

100 sq. ft. coverage per ton

L-8 Landscaping Slate Chips

L-8 Landscape Slate

Size: 3/16″ – .5″ chips

100 sq. ft. coverage per ton

L-9 Landscaping Slate Chips

L-9 Landscape Slate

Size: 1/8″ – 3/8″

100 sq. ft. coverage per ton

Black Slate Sand

Slate Sand

Size: 1/8″ and smaller

100 sq. ft. coverage per ton

Super Sacks for Dealers

Available in L-5, L-57, L-8, L-9, and Slate Sand.