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What quality control measures are employed for roofing tiles at Buckingham® Slate?

Slabs of slate are carefully extracted and graded from the quarry before the manufacturing process even begins. Each piece is then tested and examined as it is shaped to meet our customers’ needs, including a final inspection before each piece is shipped or palletized.

If I order Buckingham® Slate at two different times, will the slate look different?

One of the unique features of Buckingham® Slate is its resistance to acids, genuine unfading qualities, low absorption rate, and lifetime expectancy of 150-plus years. If you order additional slate for your project, you can rest assured that our unfading blue-black slate will match.

What is the advantage of buying Buckingham® Slate rather than imported slate?

When you buy Buckingham® Slate, you know what you’re getting: An all-natural, superior slate of rich black, gray and blue tones that can last centuries due to its extremely low absorption rate, resistance to acids and genuine unfading qualities. Buckingham®Slate is quarried from a single deposit and has been for the last 200 years. Buying imported slate presents a significant risk because you don’t know the quality of the product. Imported slates are often sourced from multiple deposits of varying quality. Consider these pictured examples of Spanish slate to see how the color can change over time. Buckingham® Slate has been quarried and handmade in America since 1867 – providing unrivaled, domestic quality for more than 150 years.

Is Buckingham® Slate considered a “green” product?

Yes. Buckingham® Slate is a natural stone that is hand crafted. Chemicals are never used during the manufacturing process and using Buckingham® Slate on your project means you can likely apply it towards your green building goals such as achieving LEED® certification. Also, buying domestic products greatly reduced the amount of fossil fuels used in the shipping process.

What size and thickness is standard for Buckingham® Slate?

The strength of Buckingham® Slate allows us to split our material in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses without sacrificing quality. Roofing tiles are our most popular product, and are stocked a 3/8″ and a 3/16″ thicknesses and available in 46 different sizes. Special orders can also be made for ½”- 1″ thick tiles.

Other products are custom cut and split to meet your needs.

How do you install slate roofing?

We recommend using a professional slate roof contractor who has experience installing slate roofs. Your local roofing supply company can usually put you in contact with a contractor. You can also review the National Slate Roofing Contractors Association website for a list of contractors.

What kind of warranty comes with Buckingham® Slate?

If at any time during the life of your structure your Buckingham® Slate begins to fade or deteriorate, the slate will be replaced by this company.
*This does not include any installation issues, making it important to use a contractor who has experience installing slate.

What is the difference between Buckingham® genuine unfading slate and other “unfading” slate?

The best test any “unfading” slate can go through is the test of time. Many new products have not gone through or withstood this important test. But with Buckingham ® Slate products, we can point to any number of roofs that are 150 years or older with no signs of fading or deterioration. No other quarry has this track record.

Where is Buckingham® Slate quarried?

Buckingham ® Slate has been quarried in the Arvonia, Virginia area since the late 1700’s. Since being discovered by Welshmen, Buckingham ® Slate can be found on quality structures throughout the world. There are many Buckingham ® Slate roofs that are older than 1867. We are also the only slate quarry in the world that quarries and manufactures Buckingham ® Slate.

Will you ship the slate to me?

Yes. We use both common carriers and private trucking companies to ship our material to customers throughout the United States.

Can I buy directly from Buckingham® Slate?

Yes. You can call us for pricing and buy directly from us. We also have an extensive group of distributors throughout the United States who can work with you throughout the buying cycle.

Can I come to visit the quarry and see the products you are making?

For any Architects, Facilities Managers, Slate Roofers and Contractors that would like a tour, please contact us for an appointment.

What color is Buckingham® Slate?

Buckingham ® Slate only comes in a unfading blue to black color with a mica sheen. The color has subtle tones of black, blue and gray. This is unique for slate, and the unfading quality of Buckingham ® Slate means it will look the same for more than a century.

Are any other colors available?

No. Buckingham ® Slate only comes in a unfading blue to black color with a mica sheen. The color has subtle tones of black, blue and gray.

Will I have a long lead time when I order products from Buckingham® Slate?

We have an abundant inventory of 2-3000 roofing squares on hand at any given time. Most custom architectural orders are typically shipped in less than 30 days, but may require 3-6 weeks depending on the size and volume of slate.

Does Buckingham® Slate install their products?

We have resources and relationships with many installers throughout the U.S, but Buckingham® Slate does not install products.

What is a custom architectural product?

These products are produced to meet your exact building specifications. To date, we manufacture more than 100 custom architectural products, including interior and exterior floor patterns, window sills and counter tops.

Do you sell slabs for custom manufacturing companies?

Yes. We keep an inventory of slabs that can be purchased.

What are the advantages to purchasing slate with a high resistance to acidity and low water absorption?

High resistance to acidity (ASTM-C217) and a low moisture absorption rate (ASTM-C121) means your slate with look great and last longer than other products. These qualities help Buckingham ® Slate maintain its longevity and unfading nature.

What is the difference between natural cleft and honed when I order Buckingham® Slate products?

When slate is split, the natural cleft is exposed. Buckingham ® Slate has a unique and distinguished cleft that the exposes fine mica sheen. All of our roofing slate has natural cleft sides. Our other custom architectural slate products have natural clefts, and many are honed to a smooth finish.

Where can I see structures with Buckingham® Slate roofing on them?

You can see Buckingham ® Slate from coast to coast. You can view many roofs in San Francisco, New York, Boston and many other major cities. Many structures in Washington D.C. – including the Smithsonian Castle and Ford’s Theatre – feature Buckingham ® Slate. It can also be found on many college and university campuses. To find a location near you, contact us.

Most companies say they have an S-1 slate, what makes Buckingham® different?

Buckingham ® Slate not only has a high testing performance, but also a demonstrated history of lasting and not fading. A projection or warranty is only truly proven through time and that is where Buckingham ® Slate stands alone. You can also review the ASTM C605 test results(.pdf) and compare.

What is a square of slate?

In roofing, the term “square” refers to 100 square feet of roof area. One square of slate is the amount of slate that it takes to cover 100 square feet of roof area. The number of pieces required to cover one square is dependent on the size of slate being used.

How heavy is slate and can my home handle the weight?

Slate is a heavy material, which is why we recommend consulting with an engineer or architect before installing it. A square of 3/8″ roofing slate weighs approximately 1,100 pounds while a square of 3/16″ roofing slate weighs approximately 900 pounds.

Will the supply of slate run out?

Buckingham® Slate has had its reserves tested and has verified that several centuries worth of slate remains in our quarry.